April 17, 2019

18 pirate party ideas

Pirate Day is a fun day of getting in touch with your inner Long John Silver, Captain Kidd or Jack Sparrow.

Set sail for adventure with these fun ideas.​

  1. Go bold and dress up in full pirate regalia. Think velvet coat, parrot on the shoulder, striped pants and gold earrings.
  2. Be subtle, wear a striped t-shirt and throw the occasional ‘me heartie’ into conversation.
  3. Hold a buccaneer bake sale or sell pirate inspired treats to raise extra gold coins for childhood brain cancer.
  4. Host pirate trivia quiz with a mix of questions about factual and fictitious filibusters.
  5. Enlist your ship mates to “walk the plank”. All you need is a low balance beam and some wet sponges. $1 buys a throw to see if you can knock them over!
  6. Discover classic pirate stories in Peter Pan (J M Barrie), Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson) and Robinson Crusoe (Daniel Defoe).
  7. Host a Pirates of the Caribbean mega movie marathon.
  8. Organise a treasure hunt.
  9. Have a pirate crafternoon. Download, printout and make our hats, bandanas and treasure chests from piratedayinmay.com.au/resources.
  10. Do a pirate ‘runch’ – that’s a lunchtime run dressed as a pirate.
  11. Have a pirate ship building competition using cardboard boxes, toilet rolls, crepe paper and paint. See who can build the best boat from recyclable materials.
  12. Set the challenge to talk like a pirate all day. Gold coin donation for anyone who doesn’t start a conversation with ‘Aarrrgh’.
  13. Create an epic pirate music playlist.
  14. Get snappy and take as many pirate photos as you can to post on social media with #piratedayinmay
  15. Stand-up gig pirate style to see who has the best pirate joke. Have you heard the one about the flexible pirate? He went to pilarrrrties and yogarrrrrgh!
  16. Tell your local newspaper about your fundraiser and invite them for a pirate photo call.
  17. Hold a pirate sports day with pirate games like bob for gold, pin the ponytail on the pirate and a good old-fashioned tug o’ war.
  18. Head to the beach or the nearest sandpit to build sandcastles.
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