A swashbuckling week of pirate fun - Pirate Day
April 2, 2021

A swashbuckling week of pirate fun

This Pirate Day, let’s make kids’ brain cancer walk the plank!

Batten down the hatches! In May, buccaneers from across Australia will be embracing their inner scallywags and dressing up as pirates for a great cause.

Every year, hundreds of crews across the nation set sail on pirate adventures to raise money and awareness for kids’ brain cancer. From schools and offices to gyms, The Kids’ Cancer Project welcomes everyone aboard to embrace their inner pirate and raise funds for vital scientific research to improve outcomes for kids with brain cancer.

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But why drop the anchor on Pirate Day after just one day? Here at The Kids’ Cancer Project, we’ll be embarking on a full week of pirate adventures to raise as much treasure as possible to turn the tide on childhood brain cancer.

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Monday: Make it Monday

Even fearsome pirates love to draw. Why not bring out your crew’s creativity with a pirate themed craft day?

Get everyone to paint their dream pirate ship complete with jolly roger flags, or jazz up pictures of parrots with glitter. But avast, if you’re out of ideas never fear! The Kids’ Cancer Project has plenty of resources to get you started, including nifty pirate bandanas and pirate eyepatches for kids and adults to cut out and enjoy. Find them here.

Tuesday: Treasure Hunt Tuesday

What do pirates love most? Pillaging treasure! Set up your own treasure hunt hiding gold coins or other treats. To make it even trickier, hide the booty in a sandpit and get your pirate gang to use spades, sieves and colanders to dig for loot.

Any real coins and pieces of eight can be stored safely in your very own treasure chest/donations box. We have a template to make your own here.

Wednesday: Water Wednesday

Arghhh! The feeling of the open sea. Bring the ocean to you with a fun walk the plank game. For the more intrepid (who don’t mind getting wet) you can set up a sturdy plank across a paddling pool. Or, use a tarp or piece of blue fabric on the ground.

For added danger, cut out cardboard shark fins. Will you make it across or end up as shark bait?

Pirate Day, approved for use - user generated

Thursday: Talk like a Pirate Thursday

Do you know your ‘doubloons’ from your ‘mizzens’? What’s a ‘landlubber’? Use Thursday to practice your ‘arrrghs’ and ‘ahoys’ and learn to speak like a pirate.

Once you’ve mastered the lingo, have a go at our port and starboard game to test your knowledge of nautical terms. Find it here.

Friday: Pirate Day Friday

End your week of pirate fun with a bang! Invite friends and family to a big Pirate Day Friday and encourage them to wear a captain’s hat and bring gold coins.

How about hosting a pirate themed lunch or BBQ? Or, make some delicious nautical themed sweet treats. Use icing to decorate biscuits with pirate faces or make chocolate cannon ball cake pops.

Use our editable posters to spread the word about your Pirate Day Friday. Find them here.

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