Pirate Day Trivia - Pirate Day
May 5, 2020

Pirate Day Trivia

Arrr' did ye know? We've dug up 20 questions, all about pirates to test your knowledge before you take to the high seas. Will you win the booty or have to walk the plank?

  1. What is the name of the captain of the fictional ship the Black Pearl?

  2. The pirates skull & crossbones flag is commonly known by which strangely cheerful name? 

  3. Which fictional pirate has a bo’sun name Mr Smee? 

  4. What were Spanish doubloons? 

  5. According to the pirate song, how many men are there on a dead man’s chest? 

  6. Beginning with C what is the type of sword most commonly associated with pirates? 

  7. What name is given to the punishment where a sailor is tied to a line that is looped beneath a ship, thrown overboard, and dragged under the ship?

  8. What is Davy Jones Locker? 

  9. What is the large island in the Caribbean, beginning with “H” frequently mentioned in pirate stories that is the home to the modern day countries of Haiti & the Dominican Republic? 

  10. Which American city has a Major League baseball team called the Pirates?

  11. Which famous religious figure is said to have been captured by pirates at the age of 16 and taken to Ireland ?

  12. In the 2012 animated movie The Pirates (Band of Misfits) the Pirate Captain’s “parrot” is actually what type of bird?

  13. What well-known brand of rum is named after a pirate? 

  14. Who is the pirate villain of Treasure Island?

  15. With a real name of Edward Teach and captaining the Queen Anne’s Revenge how is the most infamous of all the non-fictional pirates better known?

  16. The pirates’ favoured drink, made from rum, water, lemon juice & sugar was known as what? A name still used today for alcohol generally.  

  17. Captain Hook in Peter Pan lived in mortal fear of what type of animal? 

  18. Which rock star (who appears in one of the movies as his father) did Johnny Depp base his Jack Sparrow character on? 

  19. Which musical duo composed the light operetta The Pirates of Penzance?

  20. Which month is Brain Cancer Awareness Month?

1. Jack Sparrow, 2. Jolly Roger, 3. Captain Hook, 4. (Gold) Coins, 5. 15, 6. Cutlass, 7. Keelhauling, 8. The bottom of the sea, 9. Hispaniola, 10. Pittsburgh, 11. St Patrick, 12. Dodo, 13. Captain Morgan, 14. Long John Silver, 15. Blackbeard, 16. Grog, 17. Crocodile, 18. Keith Richards, 19. Gilbert & Sullivan, 20. May

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