Top 10 Tips For A Swashbuckling Pirate Day! - Pirate Day
April 15, 2021

Top 10 Tips For A Swashbuckling Pirate Day!

Ahoy there! We are so excited to have you and your band of buccaneers aboard for this year’s Pirate Day. Enjoy a day of dressing up and having lots of pirate fun, all for a very serious cause. Money raised through Pirate Day funds vital scientific research to improve outcomes for kids diagnosed with brain cancer. 

But are you struggling to find your sea legs? Marooned on an island without ideas? Well Shiver me timbers – The Kids’ Cancer Project has ten tips to make your Pirate Day one that every scallywag will enjoy!

1. Pin the Patch on Orlando Pirate Bear:

An old time classic given a swashbuckling twist. Print out the picture of Orlando Pirate Bear from our website. Choose the first shipmate, cover their eyes with a soft piece of fabric or bandana and pass them an eyepatch (with some tape on the back).

Gently turn them on the spot before asking them to place the eyepatch on the picture. Whoever gets closest to the correct spot is the winner!

2. Pirate Obstacle Course:

Whether it’s following a chalk line on the ground, running around cones or setting up an actual plank, an obstacle course is a great addition to the day.

Conjure thoughts of shark infested waters by placing the plank over a small paddling pool.

3. Pirate Arts and Crafts:

 Encourage your crew’s creativity with pirate-themed painting and drawing. Print out pictures of parrots on bright coloured paper to decorate with glitter and feathers or make a treasure chest using our template.

4. Build a Pirate Ship:

Save a large cardboard box and decorate with craft paint to create your own version of the Black Pearl. Add embellishments, like a fabric jolly roger flag to complete the look!

5. Look the part:

Whether it’s an eyepatch or a captain’s hat, the best part of Pirate Day is dressing up. Use our template to cut out easy eyepatches or buy your very own Pirate Day eyepatches from our shop.

6. Treasure Hunt:

Smuggle chocolate gold coins or treasure away and use chalk or tape to mark the hiding spot with a giant ‘X’. Create a map for your buccaneers to follow as a fun task to find the bounty.

7. Pirate Food:

There are so many delicious treats you can add to your Pirate Day. How about covering biscuits in edible glitter to make yummy gold coins? Or trying an ambitious pirate ship made out of watermelon and fruit? For something savoury, decorate a pizza with a vegetable treasure map, with a bright red capsicum ‘X marks the spot’.

8. Port and Starboard Game:

Teach your crew basic nautical terms with this lively activity. A ‘captain’ shouts commands to his crew who must follow orders or walk the plank. Take a look at our ready-made activity sheet here.

8. Stash your pieces of eight:

Keep your pirate fortune safely locked away in your very own DIY chest. Stash it full of treasure to donate to help researchers turn the tide in treating kids’ cancer. Download our template here.

10. Story time:

After a long day of sailing the seas, how about winding down with an adventurous tale? Peter PanTreasure Island? There are so many pirate themed books to enjoy. Or maybe a film would better suit your crew? Our favourites are Pirates of the Caribbean and Muppet Treasure Island.

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